Friday, April 3, 2009

Mallika Sarabhai files nomination

Independent candidate Mallika Sarabhai contesting from Gandhinagar constituency against BJP’s PM-candidate LK Advani and Congress’s Suresh Patel, filed her nomination in style. She brought along a bamboo basket full of currency notes donated by public to add up 
to her deposit of Rs 10,000. 
  Mallika reached Gandhinagar collector’s office with her husband Bipin Shah, making quite a visual statement — dressed in white off-set with her trademark huge bindi, earrings and a colourful dupatta. 
She signed on the nomination papers at 12.39 pm, considered the ‘vijay mahurat’ and submitted the contribution to an amused collector Sanjeev Kumar. 
“My submitting money collected as people’s contribution is not symbolic. It is a sign of people’s participation. People have given me the nomination fee money,” Mallika said. 
“Democracy has become by the politician, for the politician, of the politician. People are missing. I am contesting to reclaim the voice of Indians,” Mallika told reporters.Apparently inspired by Narendra Modi’s slogan in the last Assembly elections “Jeetega Gujarat”, Mallika said, “Jeetenge hum”! 
Mallika chose the ‘Nagara’ (drum) as her election symbol, followed by kite and harmonium as options. “India is being taken backwards. It will be better if more people come into politics. Armchair people, philosophers, intellectuals who do not want to dirty their hands in politics, I tell them this is your chance to clean politics. If you want to prove that this nation can be better, come join politics. Let us change it,” she said. Mallika said that since her constituency includes rural and urban areas, she is going to try and und e r s t a n d p o o r, middle class, urban, rural, big corporates. 
“All my issues are about what affect common people every day. I want a safe and just country,” she said.

My Verdit: I admire the sarabhai family. They have done lot for this country. But I would not vote for Mallika. She doesn't have that political leadership + I am still confused with her election agenda. As a dancer she is great but as an politician... i am not sure

Checkout here new election website:

Note: Nice website, but needs more content.

Source: Times News Network

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