Thursday, January 4, 2018

My views on Plagiarism

Plagiarism, Idea Stolen, Inspiration etc. are all the terms that are been used now a days. Here I came across this video on Facebook and thought to share my view.

1. The basic rule that i am convinced is - Jo Jita Wahi Sikandar. Being an entrepreneur i know how hard it is to make success. Just Idea is not everything. I see so many budding entrepreneur at Elevator Pitch or Startup Meet who hesitate to revel his/her ideas fearing on being stolen.
My Point - Passion and Management gives the success. No body can copy both.  And Idea is the first step but without proper execution its just a Dream.

2. There are 7.5 Billion people across the world. People say there are 7 people who looks similar to you in the world. Now how can be all the ideas be 100% original. There is 4 possibility as per me:
a. Coincidence - Here it's like having similar looking face example. You thought something and somebody is already thinking in similar direction. Its a very much possible. Example: Some invention which are felt coincidence.
b. Unintentional - Sometimes you read/hear/see something which is part of your learning, or get registered in back of your mind.. and your ideas derived from your that learning. I mean all the ideas are based on some learning. Example: No one knows if its intentional or intentional but I thought The Ghazi Attack had some scenes like Crimson Tide. I doubt its intentional but i have seen both the movies have many scenes similar.
c. Intentional / Inspiration - Many times you have seen/heard/read something. But feel that its not complete. You can add your value to it. Only think is - Give Credit (as taking permission might not always work). Example: Five Point Someone Book by Chetan Bhagat to 3 Idiot.
d. Rip Off - Copying as it is with making minor changes is just wrong. And i can guarantee that extra-ordinary success never falls in this category. No one that i know have 100% rip off and been very successful. Example: Awara Pagal Deewana Rips Matrix Scene

3. There are cases where Passion and Management is there but the Time/Money/Audience is not there. So Luck also plays huge part of success. Example: WebTV

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Learning from The Grandmaster

Viswanathan Anand is a gem. He has proved himself and been on Top during his Peak phase. Now he is 48 and still fighting it out. Here is a small interview that I came across today - so much to learn. Here is are some key takeaways:
  • He has done all, been on top and have been #1. After falling from last few years, he still finds passion and motivation to learn new things and fight it out. 
  • Always remain focus during the tournaments. As per his statement - he was chit-chatting between the two matches and that screws his focus. Now in free time between the matches - he prepares for the next matches. Thus this reminds me of Seven Habit Book's "Sharpen the Saw" law.
  • Taking inspiration from the likes of Federer or Nadal. Interestingly legends also take inspirations then why we shy in admitting to admire others. 
  • Change and updating to the new ways. Tried and Tested methods who have given victories in past doesn't mean that they are the best. One should always be open to learn new things and upgrade themselves. I think this abilities only make them legends.  
Here are some interesting tweets:


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Raise Voice again GST Fraud. Govt. probe against big names for anti-profiteering

Indian government sending Notices related to Anti-profiteering to the names such as McDonald's, Lifestyle, Honda on GST rates.
This is a good move. I think:
1. Government have to be very Aggressive, Honest and Transparent in taking such actions against the companies who don't comply. They should be sent notices, fined and allow them to correct with penalty. Few raids/notices will help the system to straight up.
2. We citizen should raise the Red Flag towards any such activities. There are portals and helplines setup but we don't care (which of course includes me) and have time to raise any query. Yes the portal needs to be easy and user-friendly but we will only know all this once we try to raise any query. So I feel we should be an aware citizen and Speak Up if we don't like or have problems. Criticizing the government (and I mean any govt. be it BJP or Congress or AAP etc.) by sitting home will not help. It's time for a change and take things in our hand - In a Positive and Constructive way. 

Some Details from

"Actions against GST Fraud
For any type of GST fraud related complaints, customers are advised to contact the GST Helpdesknumber and/or email id mentioned below.
GST Help Desk Number: 0120-4888999
GST Help Email:
In addition to this, GST fraud affected people can also follow one or all of the following measures.
Contact GST-fraud complaint helpline number at 011-23370115
There are many unofficial GST forums and boards where you can share your complaint with complete description. It may not help you find the resolution of your query but it will certainly help other users.
Contact CBEC Mitra Helpdesk via email at: or Toll-Free Number 1800 1200 232
You may also contact your regional or state GST helpline to file a complaint against a fraudulent activity or dealer.
Make sure to check the applicable GST rate on a product and/or service online before paying any tax amount to a dealer. The government has launched a “GST RATE Finder App” that you can use to find the exact GST rate for any item or service.
You can also share your GST fraud related complaints and/or questions on our free GST helpline website or mobile app. We will try our best to resolve your issues as early as possible on our end or forward it to the concerned government authority if needed.
Anyone is allowed to file a complaint using any of the options above against any shopkeeper/dealer charging unethical GST tax amount or a fake person pretending to be a GST officer. Further, for any GST fraud related assistance, comment below, we will suggest you the best measures for the same."


Foolish Or Brave - But i LIKE IT - Trump's latest statement on Pak Aid

President Trump is been in heat for lot of 'crap talk' and 'foot in the mouth' moments.
BUT today - i enjoyed his latest tweet on Pakistan. He said

My Thinking out Loud:
1. Its strange and funny when someone who talks bad and don't hold good frame in your mind (here Trump) - but when talks about something you like (Pakistani Aid Tweet) then you are not sure whether to enjoy it or criticize or ignore.
I think most of the time people don't react or ignore the unconventional talk. This can be for both the case - if you like someone and when he/she makes some silly statement then you ignore that or don't criticize it. Same for someone you dislike and makes some good statement then you ignore that. WHY??

2. I think it's a very bold statement. Most of the leaders will not do it being diplomat against such issues. Just wondering - How can I be so candid.