Monday, March 27, 2017

Railways Executive Lounge

Yes that's right... Indian railways or IRCTC have executive travel lounges at New Delhi station.
Very Clean, Comfortable, Cooled, Prompt service and at par with any 4 star + hotel.
Various charges are there for different services like:
- Entry are with Swipe cards. Cost Rs.150 for two hours with 1 time Tea-Coffee and Wifi
- Recliner chairs is costing at Rs. 400 for two hours with unlimited Tea- Coffee, Snacks, and wifi
- Single beds are at Rs. 700 for three hours will all the above things.
- Unlimited buffet Snacks at Rs.150 and also Unlimited buffet dinner/lunch at Rs.250
- Shower and Changing room for Rs.150 which includes Nice towel, and bathing Kit.
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Standard 10 students gets 3Cr funding

I believe sustain is the key to every business. And in order to sustain, Funds are the main factor of every entrepreneur.
Besides funds, you need management skills, superior product/services, team, marketing and persistence.

Here is the latest story of young guys of age 16ish getting 3Cr funding.

The highlight of this funding which is inspiring is:
- They got out in first round of some startup meet but didn't gave up
- Pitching same thing over and over at multiple places require passion
- Differential product. They catched the trend of No Preservetive, and No Soda.
- Followed up till the end.. as it took almost 1 year for the entire process.

Hats off to the young lads as getting funded is not at all easy in startup world.

Details can be found at