Thursday, May 5, 2011

Store Count: Subway VS McDonalds

Well its Subway VS McDonalds on the number of store counts. McDonalds was leading this race from long time but now Subway - Eat Fresh is overtaking the giant.

According to a report in, at the end of 2010, McDonald's globally had 32,737 outlets, while Subway had 33,749 stores. In India too, the two brands are neck and neck (in terms of store count in the first week of March), with McDonald's at 211 outlets and Subway at 200.

While in terms of revenue (globally), McDonalds claim that they are far ahead of Subway stores. McDonalds claims that they are at USD 24 billion, while subway is at USD 10-15 billion.

Also McDonald claims that their store are averagely 3 times bigger then Subway outlets.

Anyways both the companies are investing heavily in India and around the world. News are they both are pumping around 550 crore (McDonald - as per Hospitality Biz) and 40 crore (Subway - as per Hospitality Biz)in near future.

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  1. hii .. would you have any references for the statistcis provided ? :)