Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Standard 10 students gets 3Cr funding

I believe sustain is the key to every business. And in order to sustain, Funds are the main factor of every entrepreneur.
Besides funds, you need management skills, superior product/services, team, marketing and persistence.

Here is the latest story of young guys of age 16ish getting 3Cr funding.

The highlight of this funding which is inspiring is:
- They got out in first round of some startup meet but didn't gave up
- Pitching same thing over and over at multiple places require passion
- Differential product. They catched the trend of No Preservetive, and No Soda.
- Followed up till the end.. as it took almost 1 year for the entire process.

Hats off to the young lads as getting funded is not at all easy in startup world.

Details can be found at

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