Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Foolish Or Brave - But i LIKE IT - Trump's latest statement on Pak Aid

President Trump is been in heat for lot of 'crap talk' and 'foot in the mouth' moments.
BUT today - i enjoyed his latest tweet on Pakistan. He said

My Thinking out Loud:
1. Its strange and funny when someone who talks bad and don't hold good frame in your mind (here Trump) - but when talks about something you like (Pakistani Aid Tweet) then you are not sure whether to enjoy it or criticize or ignore.
I think most of the time people don't react or ignore the unconventional talk. This can be for both the case - if you like someone and when he/she makes some silly statement then you ignore that or don't criticize it. Same for someone you dislike and makes some good statement then you ignore that. WHY??

2. I think it's a very bold statement. Most of the leaders will not do it being diplomat against such issues. Just wondering - How can I be so candid.

1 comment:

  1. True, I had the exact same feeling when I read the news. First time Trump has made sense.