Thursday, January 4, 2018

My views on Plagiarism

Plagiarism, Idea Stolen, Inspiration etc. are all the terms that are been used now a days. Here I came across this video on Facebook and thought to share my view.

1. The basic rule that i am convinced is - Jo Jita Wahi Sikandar. Being an entrepreneur i know how hard it is to make success. Just Idea is not everything. I see so many budding entrepreneur at Elevator Pitch or Startup Meet who hesitate to revel his/her ideas fearing on being stolen.
My Point - Passion and Management gives the success. No body can copy both.  And Idea is the first step but without proper execution its just a Dream.

2. There are 7.5 Billion people across the world. People say there are 7 people who looks similar to you in the world. Now how can be all the ideas be 100% original. There is 4 possibility as per me:
a. Coincidence - Here it's like having similar looking face example. You thought something and somebody is already thinking in similar direction. Its a very much possible. Example: Some invention which are felt coincidence.
b. Unintentional - Sometimes you read/hear/see something which is part of your learning, or get registered in back of your mind.. and your ideas derived from your that learning. I mean all the ideas are based on some learning. Example: No one knows if its intentional or intentional but I thought The Ghazi Attack had some scenes like Crimson Tide. I doubt its intentional but i have seen both the movies have many scenes similar.
c. Intentional / Inspiration - Many times you have seen/heard/read something. But feel that its not complete. You can add your value to it. Only think is - Give Credit (as taking permission might not always work). Example: Five Point Someone Book by Chetan Bhagat to 3 Idiot.
d. Rip Off - Copying as it is with making minor changes is just wrong. And i can guarantee that extra-ordinary success never falls in this category. No one that i know have 100% rip off and been very successful. Example: Awara Pagal Deewana Rips Matrix Scene

3. There are cases where Passion and Management is there but the Time/Money/Audience is not there. So Luck also plays huge part of success. Example: WebTV

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