Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reverse Tide

Last weekend on Feb 7, 2009 - my sister and some cousines went to Half Moon Bay to watch Reverse Tide. 

I was impressed with the Marketing, Presentations and promotions. I mean low tide is been happning around the world from many years. Me and I guess lot of others had visited to the low tides in the past but I never thought that it can be a big crowd catcher. I guess if a proper knowledge and promotions been given then - the event could be a big hit. I mean there were volunteers explaning things and showing stuff in depth and kids just loved it. They were able to play in the wet messy sand and learn the underwater lives....I guess that's amazing. No doubt that this tide had gone very far and lot of underwater lives been exposed but I think similar secnerio can be found elsewhere...but the way its been package...and makes people visit the place is great....hats off the idea of reverse tide... and the marketing idea.

I guess same thing amplies to lot of other things in USA (Like monuments and historic places). They are so good in putting things together and making it an memorial experience for everyone. I guess its a big lesson all the tourism developers or even the event organizers... HATS OFF to idea. 

In the picture: My Niece and Nephew playing and looking around in mud. 


Some more pictures from the event:



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