Monday, February 23, 2009

Tata Crucible 2009

Yesterday me and Miti went to Tata Curcible Business Quiz 2009 at IIM-A.  Its was the Regional Final and  there was a good turnout. 200+ entries were there and out of which sixteen played for the Regional Final spot. 6 teams came in the end which comprises of 3 from IIM-A (ofcourse) and 1 each from Nirma, MICA and SVNIT, Surat (surat was a big surprise). It was very informative and fun watching the show. Pickbrain - the quiz master was also great with his punch lines and voice. Overall it was fun watching this college students... (which reminded me of my college days....and life..hehehehe)

Here are some pictures from the event. Click on them for enlarge view and yes...they are of very poor resolution since we didn't carry camera and had to take it from Miti's Nokia 3110c.


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