Friday, March 6, 2009

Bollywood's Copy Machine

We all have seen Bollywood pictures been copied / plagiarize / inspired from Hollywood. (If you want a partial list of movies that's been so called "INSPIRED" from the english films then visit

But poster ....yeh... posters are also been copied now a days.  Here are some posters that's been plagiarized... enjoy

Interesting Links:

Pirates of Caribbean - The League of Extra. Gentle. - Eklavya


Zameen - Enemy at the Gates

Hum Kaun Hai - The Others


South indian movie - 3 iron

Naksha - Sahara


Alag - Shawshank Redemption

JodhaAkbar - Matrix (look at the style... even doom2 had similar promos)


Jism - D&G ads

Krish - Step (event krish have other copies from Dare Devil and Matrix)


Hangama - Greek Wedding

Gulal (coming soon) - Shield

Naye Padosan - Aitraaz - Graduate (I loved aitraaz and graduate)

Being Cyrus - He died with a Felafel in his hand

Drona - Brotherhood wolf (even drona have many copies from matrix)


Bhoot - Final Dest.


  1. Awesome list...
    what are some of these movies by the way, Are all of them released?

  2. yes all of them are released but gulaal. And that is also coming in next couple of weeks.