Monday, March 23, 2009

Times Food Guide 2009: Awards - Ahmedabad

Hi Guys

Well as you all know I am a food junkie and so many of your are. Well here are these years Times Food Guide 2009 Awards: 

- Best Coffee Shop: Cafe Piano 
Awarded by: Payal Rohatgi Awardee: Hemant Somani 
My Verdit: Agree

- Best North Indian Food: Barbeque Nation 
Awarded by: Parthiv Patel Awardee: Munawar Garbadawala 
My Verdit: Can't Say as Not tried Yet. But Mirch Masala is Good.

- Best Mithai Shop: Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand 
Awarded by: Devang Patel Awardee: Kamlesh Kandoi, Nitin Kandoi and Aakash Kandoi
My Verdit: Agree

- Best Gujarati Food: Agashiye, House of MG 
Awarded by: Manjula Pooja Shroff Awardee: Dharmendra Rawat 
My Verdit: Agree.

- Best Confectionery Shop: Cafe Upper Crust 
Awarded by: Umang Hutheesing Awardee: Lester and Monisha D’Souza 
My Verdit: Agree

- Best Mexican Food: Tomato’s 
Awarded by: Dushyant Joshi Awardee: Pranav Joshi 
My Verdit: Agree. 

- Best South Indian Food: Dasaprakash
Awarded by: Raksha Bharadia Awardee: Mukund Singh 
My Verdit: Can't say. I am baised to Sankalp

- Best Desserts: The Chocolate Room 
Awarded by: Payal Rohatgi Awardee: Chaitanya Kumar 
My Verdit: Disagree. Shocolatery and Upper Crust is better

- Best Italian restaurant: La Feasta 
Awarded by: Hiten Vasant Awardee: Alpesh Shah 
My Verdit: Agree

- Must visit for tourists: Vishalla 
Awarded by: Pravin Mishra Awardee: Raju Bhai 
My Verdit: Agree

- Best Chinese food : Oriental Pavillion, Fortune Hotel Landmark 
Awarded by: Ishira Parikh Awardee: Team Oriental Pavillion 
My Verdit: Not Sure. Haven't tried yet. 

- Best Coffee Bar: Cafe Coffee Day 
Awarded by: Dr Ganesh Nayak Awardee: Balaji K 
My Verdit: Disagree. I would rate Lodge9 and Mr.Beans over CCD.

- Best vegetarian snacks restaurant: Swati Snacks 
Awarded by: Anjou Musafir and Karl Antao Awardee: Shaan Jhaveri 
My Verdit: Agree

- Best Ambience: Vishalla 
Awarded by: Anil Relia Awardee: Raju Bhai and Smita Patel 
My Verdit: Not Sure. It depends as what kind of ambience we are looking. Is it traditional or wester etc.. and even in traditional I would vote Rajwadu over Vishalla.

Pictures of the Winners:

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