Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Indians find 'superior' career options at home than in US

Well here is an interesting article from Mr. Vivek Wadhwa - who is a Professor at Duke and Researcher at Harvard.

New York, Mar 2 (PTI): Uncle Sam's land may not be as attractive a destination as widely believed, as a survey shows that many Indian immigrants found professional and career prospects far better in their home country than in the US. Besides, in several cases, better career avenues back home influenced their decision to return. The study conducted by Harvard professor Vivek Wadhwa surveyed highly-skilled immigrants, who had worked or received their education in the US and later returned to their home countries.

"Respondents strongly indicated that they felt that professional and career opportunities at home were superior to those in the US. Eighty four per cent of Chinese and 68.7 per cent of Indian respondents stated that better professional opportunities were strong factors in their decision to return home," the study titled 'America's loss is the world's gain: America's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Part IV' said. The survey, which covered 1,203 Indian and Chinese immigrants, revealed that better career opportunities was the reason for more than 63 per cent of the Indians to come back to India.

Above aticle is from Yahoo! Business News

Also who can find more info. about the article at:

American Public Media: Marketplace

America's Loss, The World's Gain

And yes... as most of you have already guessed - the reason I find this article interesting is cause I think there are good opportunities in India then past.