Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tea Boys from Brooke Bond

Yesterday while I was on road, I saw couple of Brooke Bond Tea Boys selling Coffee and Tea. It was interesting way of Branding. This guys carry a Bagpack with Hot water pumped into the cups. They had nice paper cups, a stainer, and pouches of Brooke Bond Tea and Coffee.
They had three options:
1. Masala Tea = Rs. 6
2. Plain Tea = Rs. 6
3. Coffee = Rs. 7
The menu card was wrapped to their chest. - See photo.

In terms of revenue - I doubt it be a good business model. As on chatting with the boys - the best day's sale is around 40 cups. Which as per me is low. But I guess it was a great branding gimmick. The presentation and presence is great.
By the way I had a Masala Tea - which tasted very good and my colleague had a Coffee - which was also good.
Overall a good Marketing - Branding idea that I liked and enjoyed.

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