Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trip to Thailand - March2011

Last month I went on a vacation with my family to Thailand. Overall it was a good trip. We did the trip on our own instead of taking a travel agents tour or tour package. I find it more fun, adventurous, insight and knowledgeable then the guided tours. We went in the last week of March thus the Visa On Arrival (VOA) fees were waived due to tourism promotion. Thus we saved 1000 Bt/person on that. Just bit tired to write the complete experience so putting the main highlights of the trip. Comment/Reply me if you want to know any specifics. Here is the summary:

- Normal VOA fees is 1000/Bt/person at Bangkok Airport.
- You need to have three officials requirements fulfilled for VOS. 1. Return ticket within 15 days, 2. 10,000 Bt per person or International Credit card and hotel booking vouchers and 3. Valid passport for atleast 6 months remaining.
- Bangkokair is a great airline. Cheap, Nice service, Good timing and when we went it was half empty thus we can stretch for sleep. Also they allow 25Kg/person instead of 20Kg.
- Bangkok airport is great. Its based on Hindu philosophy. They have a wonderful Samundra Manthan storyline on the airport.
- We booked our Hotels from
- In Bangkok we stayed three nights at Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel. Its near to Subway station and great locality. Nice service, Good WiFi, Good Breakfast.
- In Pattaya we steady two nights at Citin Loft Pattaya Hotel. Very poor service, poor breakfast and Zero courtesy. Swimming pool and WiFi was good. Their shuttle service from Hotel to Breach Road was also very bad.
- Last night in Bangkok we stayed at Le Platinum Silom Hotel. It was a good small hotel with India channels and food. (Thanks to the hotels that they had Indian Channel and thus I was able to see India VS Pakistan Semifinal Cricket Match during World Cup.) Its good for Indian people else its on average hotel.
- Don't Miss Chatchuk Weekend market. Also do all your shopping over there. Its of good quality and best price. Also their is lot of variety.
- Also visit the Safari World, Marine World, and Wat Po temple.
- We went to Pattaya instead of Phuket due to price and distance. But don't do that mistake. Pattaya is average over Phuket.
- In Pattaya - don't miss Noog Nung Village.
khob-kun-Krub (means thank you)

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