Saturday, September 10, 2011

Satay in Peanut and Coconut Milk Sauce

Ingredients (note the ingredients are approx. and as per my taste, please alter as per requirement):
1. Prepare the Peanut and Coconut Milk Sauce
2. Drain all the water of the Tofu packing
3. Place the Tofu in the sauce and marinate. Let the juice get inside the tofu.
4. Pass the bamboo sticks through the Tofu and lay it over the grill. I have Toaster oven thus I am using that. Turn it after 4-5 minutes and keep it on the grill/oven for 12-15 minutes. Make sure it don't burn.It should be grilled.
5.Serve it in the plate using same Bamboo sticks or Chop sticks.


- Tofu is now easily available in India. It is also sold as Soya Paneer. It usually cost around Rs.50 / 500gms. If the Tofu has an option of Firm or soft then get Firm or extra firm. If it doesn't have any option and no choice - buy whatever is available. Usually Soya Paneers don't have any options. 
- Peanut and Coconut Milk sauce can be made by using following recipe. 
- Suggestions are most welcomed.

Satay with Tofu, Peanut and Coconut Sauce. This is a non liquid sauce. Made with Chunky Peanut butter.

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