Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bean Burritos and Casadia

Ingredients (note the ingredients are approx. and as per my taste, please alter as per requirement):
  • 1 Re-fried Beans (see note)
  • 1/4 Lettuce or cabbage
  • Salsa Sauce
  • Sour Cream (see note)
  • 2 Jalapeno
  • Corn Tortilla or Meda Roti (see note)
  • 1 Spoon Olive Oil
  • Shredded Chesse(optional. see note)
  • 1 fine chopped Onion - FOR Casadia only.
1. Put 1 spoon olive oil on the pan
2. Place the Corn/Meda Tortilla
3. Place refried beans, jalapeno, Salsa , lettuce/cabbage, sour cream and chesse at half side of the tortilla. Make sure you don't over fill else when you fold the tortilla the stuffing will come out. Also don't put too much salsa as it will extract tomato water. The proportion of all the above things will be Refried Bean - 1 spoon, Jalapeno - 3-5 pieces , Salsa - 0.5 spoon lettuce/cabbage - 4-5 pieces, sour cream - 0.5 spoon and chesse - 0.5 spoon.
4. Fold the tortilla. So now the circle tortilla will be semi circle. Turn it over till the tortilla becomes golden brown and cooked.
5.Cut the tortilla like pizza slices or make one more fold and you can also eat it like a roll.

Casadia can be made in the same way but instead of refried beans and Jalapeno put lots of cheese and some onion, salsa, sour cream.


- Sour Cream is usually not available in India. I usually make it with Dahi. Tie the Dahi in a cloth and drain all the water. Make sure all the water is drained. Once done set it aside for 5 min. You can also put couple of drops of lemon. I don't put lemon as just Dahi with drained water tastes good to me.
- Corn Tortilla is the best and makes an authentic Mexican taste. But again its not easily avaiable in India and some Hypermarkets keep it but they are all exported from abroad and are very expensive (10 tortillas for Rs.250). Thus you can either make them (we tried but its too much work and didn't turn out good) thus I get Meda tortilla that are available at local franky outlet/maker. This Meda roti tastes same as corn only its less healthy and heavy on stomach. But it costs around Rs.4/roti which is damn cheap compared to corn tortillas.
- You can use Monterrey and Sharp Cheddar cheese. I use any kind of cheese or no cheese. Go Cheese have started selling shredded cheese (Mexican style) in India. No idea on quality but looked good. (let me know if you have used it). Else Kraft have great cheese but again expensive in Indian market since it been imported.
- Refriend Beans tins are available in the market. You can also make Refriend beans from scratch. Will post the recepie soon. But as of rightnow either you can google it or buy the ready made tins that are available for Rs.100 or normal Kidney Beans for Rs.60 and then refriend it at home.
- Salsa recipe can be found here.
- Suggestions are most welcomed.

Bean Burrito warped in Casadia style instead of Roll as its east for me to eat. Also I have used Meda Roti instead of Corn Tortilla.

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