Monday, July 11, 2011

Facebook Vs Google Plus

Facebook Vs Google Plus plus is out. Everyone is talking about it and wondering who is better. Well here is the box comparison between the two and I guess time will predict the winner. But its going to be a tough fight.



Google Plus


Facebook calls it Lists. Its not that user friendly and I have separated my coworkers with rest (as don’t want to share all the info with everyone)

Rating: 2/5

Google plus calls it Circles. Its easy and user friendly – drag and drop. Actually its one of the main feature of Google plus.

Rating: 4.5/5


Facebook don’t have any exact features of interest. But you can join Groups of specific interest and get the info. Again it can be useful info to rubbish.

Rating: 2/5

Google Plus calls it Sparks. Again it searches various blogs and group over the web and helps you to keep watch on those. Good but not best.

Rating: 4/5

Video Chat

Facebook just introduced their Skype feature. It is of great quality. But you won’t be able to watch Youtube videos.

Rating: 3.5/5

Google calls it hangout. Nice feature and easy to do. You can do it with complete circles or just few friends.

Rating: 5/5


Facebook’s very popular feature. It will allow on site users to chat. Also on mobiles its done thru various third party apps.

Rating: 4/5

Google calls it Huddle. Can be easily done from iphone/android phones. Groups chat are also very easy. Google uses Gtalk of website chatting

Rating: 4/5

Like something

Facebook have Thumbs up Like sign. Like is iconic.

Rating: 4/5

Google has colorful +1 sign. Its new might catch up later.

Rating: 2/5

Privacy Concerns

Facebook have an option of selecing different profile of different groups. But hardly anyone know it or uses it. It also non-user friendly.

Rating: 2/5

Google lets you choose how your profile will look to others. Circles sharing makes profiles more private.

Rating: 4/5

Brand/Company Page

Facebook has fan page. It is very popular and every other good brands wants to be on facebook and get more likes.

Rating: 4/5

Google Plus yet to have this feature. I don’t think it will take long for them to add one. Need to wait and see

Rating: 0/5


Everyone is on facebook. They have first movers advantage. Lets see how they are holding the on.

Rating: 4/5

Google Plus have all the gmail and other service users with them. It won’t be too hard to convert to google. But will take time and have to do well through the process.

Rating: 2/5

Integrated Services

Facebook is a good social networking site. It needs to add multiple service like what they did with Skype to take on google.

Rating: 2/5

Google is a mammoth. They have so many good services besides search engine that facebook needs to be on their toes to beat them

Rating: 4/5

monline’s conclusion

Facebook is good and so far have done well. But need to really have more features and ties and one point integration tools to beat the beast.

Google needs to capture all the users of facebook and add be a one palace for your daily web access needs. Its not easy to change people mindsets (after people are used to with Facebook). It not easy but google has all the money and talent to beat the surprise billionaire.

Let me know your views.

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  1. There's a healthy competition between the great giants Facebook and Google plus. Before its launch there was a great buzz about Google Plus, which kept people anxious and anticipating it. It began with a reach of over 10 million active users, whereas Facebook is an established social networking website with a global reach of over 750 million as of 2011. However, Google has an edge over Facebook because with Google Plus you get other services like Adwords, Adsense, etc. But only time will tell who packs more muscle power!