Monday, July 25, 2011

Plus coming up with Business Page and Games

Well yes we all are waiting from Google Plus to come out with its Business Page and Game Page. In my past article on "Google Plus for Business. Signup for testing the Business Pages " they said that they want everyone to hold on the business profiles and wait till the year end for an official Business page.

But things are moving fast and might be rolled out in next couple of months. Their is a high demand for the Business page from the Tech community.

Also if Plus wants to win the war against facebook, they need to have the Games page. I know many people who don't want to jump on Plus since they will miss their Farmville or other similar games. Thus Plus needs to get Games on board at earliest.

So here is the official news from Google Plus's Christian Oestlien

Also recently Google acquired two social gaming companies like Social Deck and Slide. Thus its just matter of time to see the gaming part of Google Plus.

Social Deck Screenshot Pet Hera

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