Thursday, July 21, 2011

Suing spoofs is like killing the Creativity

Well recently McDowells Ad is been in news to get sued by Harabhajan Singh for spoofing his Royal Stag Ad.

I personally think that its ridiculous. As spoofing is not bad, its just an alternate content development to capture the audience. Some time spoofs have been better or connects better with the audience then the original.
Movies, Actors, Politicians, Sport person, celebrities, ads, concept etc all been spoofed and I guess suing them is just killing the creativity.

Some of my favorite spoofs:
- Austin Powers spoofs James Bond Movies
- Coco Cola VS Pepsi: spoofs during late 90s in India (most of the ads came during world cup).

Checkout Royal Stag's Original Ad with Harbhajan Singh

Checkout McDowells Platinum's Ad with MSD spoofing Bhajji

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