Monday, June 27, 2011

Facebbook Virtual Currency credit comes to India

Facebook Credits, a virtual currency that enables users of the social networking sites to buy virtual goods and services in Facebook games and apps and watch movies on the site, is now available in India. This is a good news for the developers who can now use the credits to charge for the apps and games they develop on Facebook. Not only developers, even Indian e-commerce businesses will benefit from these Facebook credits.

In the blog yesterday, Facebook said that it has added new international payment methods and improved payout workflows for developers using Facebook Credits. Now the credits can be purchased by the users using credit card and PayPal account. You can find details of the payment methods supported in your region, in this list.

Each Facebook Credit can be bought at 10 cents ($ 0.10). Facebook developers can redeem their Facebook Credits by connecting their Paypal account to their Facebook account.

Facebook introduced the concept of Credits two years ago in the US. Since then it has become a rage on the social networking site. Earlier this year, when Warner Brothers decided to screen “ Batman: The Dark Knight” movie on the site, one could watch the movie for over 48 hours, with unlimited number of pauses, by paying 30 Facebook Credits. Facebook users in India missed out on the opportunity, however as they could not use Facebook Credits that time.

Article by Swati Ramnath

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