Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Marketing Wave: Mobile Barcodes

Mobile barcodes let marketers reach consumers anywhere, anytime. This emerging technology transforms traditional media into marketing that is both interactive and measurable, even on print ads, billboards, product packaging, hang tags, and more.

When consumers scan these barcodes with their mobile devices, they are immediately connected to the web, where they can view movie trailers, music videos, book excerpts, and other marketing offers. They can even launch options such as click to call or initiate a texting session.
What's more, all of these actions are measurable.

With Mobile Barcodes, Marketers Enjoy These Benefits:
* Extended reach from existing media channels, including print and TV
* Highly targeted marketing, including location-based
* Measurable results and competitive
* ROI Rich mobile marketing experiences: videos, demos, special offers
and more
* Opportunity to create 1-to-1 interactions with your customers
* Higher sales-conversion rates
* Ability to grow your customer database: pre-ordering movies, CDs,
games and more
* Fewer out-of-stock situations, thanks to rain-check coupons and
online inventory
* Greater control, thanks to near real-time changes

Try out mobile barcodes, use your mobile device to download a FREE app at getreader.com

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