Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Winning Way

My View:
Just finish reading the The Winning Way: Learning From Sport For Managers.
Its a good read for all the entrepreneur, and Manager. I am a sports person and thus it makes more sense and interesting read. Harsha Bhogle knows India and have vast experience with the MNC w.r.t Branding, Marketing and Training. Thus its worth a buy. I would recommend this book to all the Managers and Entrepreneur who likes sports (and not just cricket but sports in general).

Rating: 7/10

I bought this book from @ Rs. 120 - including shipping ( list price = Rs.200).

About The Book :
The Winning Way deals with what sporting champions do and what constitutes a winning team. Two renowned IIMA alumni, one a sports commentator and writer and the other an advertising and communication consultant dig into examples from the world of sports to see how they can help promote managerial skills. The Winning Way gives a clear picture of winning teams, good leadership and why some teams continue to perform well while others decline with time.

Anita and Harsha Bhogle reiterate the importance of perseverance and the right attitude to attain success. If an individual combines ability with the right attitude, he is bound to excel and become the best he can be. The writing is contrary to the popular belief that ability is the major distinguishing factor for success. This principle is particularly important as the levels of competition increases. For the distinguished authors, this book marks the completion of 300 successful corporate workshops of The Winning Way that they run.


  1. Thanx.. Me ordering the book :)

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