Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review : I have a Dream from Rashmi Bansal

Finally done with the book. Please read about the book at my older post "I have a Dream from Rashmi Bansal".

Personal Rating: 8/10

The book was great and in Bansal's usual pattern. I liked the first two editions more than this one. And the theme of social entrepreneurship was really catchy and needed for the youth.

Some of the stories went in too much details which got boring after few pages. Same with the projects. 3-4 projects were less interesting (in my view) and was less inspiring. I knew quite a few of organization who are doing much better and bigger things.

But well the stories are inspiring and engaging. People who enjoyed R.Bansal's pervious edtions will also enjoy this one. In a nutshell, It's a really good book and worth a read for every entrepreneur.

I enjoyed it and would recommend to get a copy at earliest. Motivating and Inspiring for anyone who is/wants to be a social entrepreneur or working in the similar field.

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  1. i read this book not only this i read all book written by rashmi bansal nice . i want to suggest you guys go for bundle offer all book in one pack written by rashmi bansal you can save some time and some money . all book is very nice and inspiring specially who want to be entrepreneur .