Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nokia launches Mobile Money Client on its all major dev

Nokia Mobile Money

Nokia has facilitated its vast range of mobile devices with mobile money client to in India. The mobile money service provided by Nokia offers the unbanked and under-banked groups to access financial servies through their mobile phones.

Nokia has made Mobile Money Client services to a major range of Nokia devices including high end Symbian smartphone devices, Nokia´s Series 40 feature phones, as well as the Series 30 entry level devices and support both keyboard, touch and combined devices.

Nokia has already providing its mobile financial services initiative by partnering with Union Bank of India (UBI), Yes Bank, Obopay and a wide range of merchants, retailers and business correspondents. The services, called Union Bank Money and Mobile Money Services by Yes Bank, are already available in several regions and are being rolled out across India in the forthcoming quarters.

Consumers will have the option of choosing and subscribing to either Union Bank Money or YES Bank Mobile Money Services from their Nokia devices. The app can be activated at Nokia retail and other outlets, which are also, authorized banking correspondents of Yes Bank and/or Union Bank of India.

Mobile Money services eliminate dependence on the physical presence of a branch or availability of internet banking services.

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